welcome to vetnova

Welcome to Vetnova

VETNOVA is the Animal Health & Feed Additives Division of WEST BENGAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LIMITED (WBCIL) was launched in April 2018. Vetnova manufactures and markets both (API) Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, Feed Additives & other Poultry & Livestock products like Sodium Butyrate, Calcium Butyrate, Glyminstar, Chelated Minerals like Zn, Cr, Co, Fe, Mn, Se, Hi-clean, Water Sanitizer, Butyfizz, AP-789, BKC, Vitamin, Toxistop, Toxistop plus, Nutriblend, Biosel-Se, Orimix, etc. Besides Vetnova is also into custom manufacturing of Feed Additives, Vitamin premixes & Contact Manufacturing of Veterinary products.

We have started with a small unit of just 6 to 7 veterinary products . Now a day’s our count has been increased because of the positive response from our valuable customers and their faith in our product.


Orimix Orimix Qnty: 25 Kg Bag

Genuine Acidifier for Poultry Feed. Orimix contains unique proprietary blend of buffered organic acids, mainly Acetic, Propionic, Formic, Butyric...

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Orisol Forte Orisol Forte Qnty: 100gm, 500gm & 1 kg

9 Liquid Acidifier fortified with Vitamin C Natural way to protect your bird. In poultry production, organic acids (i.e. Liquid acidifiers)...

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FENOXVET Fenoxvet Qnty: 10*10 Tablets

Best water sanitizer, Broad spectrum Anti-helminthic, Broad spectrum Anti-helmintic against Lungworms, Roundworms and Tapeworms...

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Vetmin Vetmin Qnty: 1 Kg & 5 Kg

VETMIN is a blend of Macro minerals, Vitamins & Trace minerals. VETMIN is a blend of Macro minerals, Vitamins & Trace minerals...

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ButyFizz ButyFizz Qnty: 100gm, 500gm & 1 kg

When Buty FIZZ is dissolved in water, freely available organic Butyric acid is released i.e. Sodium Butyrate on hydrolysis available as Butyric acid..

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Hiclean Hiclean Qnty: 8 Ltr & 25 Ltr

HICLEAN acts as a strong oxidizing agent both on the microbial cell wall and within the cell. It rapidly destroys microorganisms, spore forming...

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Toxistop Plus Toxistop Plus Qnty: 20 Kg

Broad spectrum mycotoxin adsorbent and potential antifungal Toxistop is an activated broad spectrum, dipolar phyllosilicates specially formulated ...

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Nutri Blend Nutri Blend Qnty: 1 Litre

Perfect Blend of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids in Orange Pomace. Nutri Blend contains all the essential Vitamins, minerals & Amino acids...

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Glymin Star Glymin Star Qnty: 25 Kg Bag

Chelated Minerals is a way of presenting the essential trace minerals to the livestock in a form that is more readily absorbed and utilized by forming

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Orilyte Orilyte Qnty: 1 Lit , 5 Lit. Jar

Electrolytes combined with liquid acidifier and Vitamin C. Acidifiers act as performance promoters by lowering the pH of gut mainly upper intestinal..

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Biosel - Se Biosel – Se Qnty: 1 Litre

 Selenium, an essential trace element, is regarded as an integral component of Se-dependent glutathione peroxidase (GPx) and when accompanied by Vit E

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Who Choose Us


VETNOVA products range is formulated using quality ingredients at advanced infrastructural unit. VETNOVA never compromise with quality and thus have gained a remarkable position in Veterinary field.


We have dedicated and hard working team members, who are able to achieve all the goals & targets, set by our organization in an efficient and timely manner. We identify gaps in the present therapeutic areas and bring up the products and services and fulfil our customers demand.


Our ethical trade practice, transparent business dealings and timely delivery of consignments help us to maintain friendly relations with clients.


We work hard to keep our prices low and to meet our clients demand. We have easy payment options and huge distribution network for timely shipment.


The major basic ingredients used in the formulations are mostly manufactured by us in our plant which is servicing the industry for last so many years. Hence we can assure our quality.