Genuine Acidifier for Poultry Feed

Orimix contains unique proprietary blend of buffered organic acids, mainly Acetic, Propionic, Formic, Butyric, Citric, Ascorbic and their salts with Oxine copper and Essential oils for the specific use in poultry feed. 

Orisol Forte

9 Liquid Acidifier fortified with Vitamin C

Natural way to protect your bird.
In poultry production, organic acids (i.e. Liquid acidifiers) have been either added to drinking water to keep the watering system free from microorganisms or used to minimize the effect of feed borne microbes like Salmonella spp.


Proven water Acidifier for Healthy Gut

When Buty FIZZ is dissolved in water, freely available organic Butyric acid is released i.e. Sodium Butyrate on hydrolysis available as Butyric acid. Solution of Buty FIZZ have both excellent disinfecting properties and provides sufficient energy for intestinal epithelial cells side by side it repair damaged intestinal villi. It is highly effective for organic contaminants, where as undissociated Butyric acid promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and inhibits harmful bacteria & decreases diarrhea.


Best water sanitizer

HICLEAN acts as a strong oxidising agent both on the microbial cell wall and within the cell. It rapidly destroys microorganisms, spore forming bacteria, thermophilic bacteria, yeasts, moulds and viruses. It decreases the rate of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD).  


Electrolytes combined with liquid acidifier and Vitamin C

Acidifiers act as performance promoters by lowering the pH of gut (mainly upper intestinal tract), reducing potential proliferation of un-favorable microorganisms. Acidification of gut stimulates enzyme activity and optimizes digestion and the absorption of nutrients and minerals.